Fairly new to streaming. Where to start?

$2k & under budget

Aralic Vega has streamer  and DAC. May be the easiest start?
Then there is Schiit...Yiggy or Gumby...which streamer?
Ladder NOS dac? Or Chip? I'm old. maybe I'll like the old school DAC?
Then there is  Benchmark DAC 3...I think it has streamer?
Exasound E32
Audio Mirror?
MHDT Orchid
Border Patrol?
Musical Paradise?
Whats a newbie to do? I am a classic rock fan with lots of FLAC & M4a files. I like detail & PRaT. Love a good bass line. I also play some 70's jazz. I have a Theta Miles CD player from the 1900's & play a lot of vinyl too. But I need to come into the 21st century.  Besides, I will probably become tired of the vinyl ritual and work at some point as I get older. I think I have done enough homework to be somewhat confused. Maybe the biggest question in light of how fast digital changes is the question of streamer with DAC or separate Streamer and DAC. One other question is the streamer & bridge the same thing? OK Thanks!! 
Artemus_5 I have not a/b'ed the Node and Yamaha but am going on the comments of others.Here is a pretty thoughtful review of the unit, in case you have not come across this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovrS88tddmo&t=497sOne of the things I like about the Yamaha is both the hardware and the Musicast software is very flexible with regard to sources and outputs, although I expect BlueOS is also quite good from what I have read.

I can't find any reviews of the new Ultra Rendu but it's predecessor was held in pretty high esteem. The SOTM SMS200ultra is also a contender at a slightly higher price point. To get the most out of each of these options I think a quality external power supply and a commitment to Roon may be necessary.
I started with chromecast into any hdmi then started upgrading dacs. Def not the best but very easy introduction. Key was good dac. Started with Schiit modi multi, have Bifrost now, contemplating next move
I like your enthusiasm! 
Thanks for the article!
I definitely wonder if you are right. I don't understand the complications of transmitting the data in a digital manner, so I am certainly in waters deeper than I should. I do know that the iPhone X and later models can transmit FLAC through the lightning port, however not through their Apple Music app, which has never supported FLAC and has always been an irritant. So I guess, I am asking for an education on data transmission and clocking...

What makes the data transmission better in various devices?

Does RFI have an effect on digital signals?
Recently added a Cambridge CXN (V2) streamer to my system.  It's not quite my Sony XA 5400 ES CD player but it's close and the Sony is running balanced and Cambridge single ended.  Good power cord and interconnects are required and it needs to burn about 600-700 hours.
I'm interested in the CXN V2 - it looks like it's in my sweet spot price and feature-wise (including the balanced outputs) but I wonder about the lack of MQA (which the Node 2i has, but no XLR either.)