Fairly cheap SS preamp with a good phono preamp?

Does it make sense to run a good phono pre- into a fairly cheap solid state linestage? For instance, the Cary CPA-1 pre that's for sale in the Classifieds for $649, with an outboard, upgraded Basis phono stage (which I have)?

I'm running the Basis through a BAT VK3ix preamp, but could I sell off the BAT and switch to the Cary without degrading the sound too much? I really like the sound of the Basis through the BAT, but I wouldn't mind a more analytical sound and a little less warmth, which is why I'm thinking about SS options. The rest of my system is a Bryston 4BST amp, Hyperion HP-938 speakers, and a Rega P5 TT. I listen to vinyl almost exclusively but also use a N. Tjoeb CD player and a Wadia DAC/i-pod doc at times. Thanks!
The Cary is a very good preamp(for the money or even at 2-3 times the money).It is essentially the SLP 03 with a solid state output stage.It features true balanced inputs and outputs.It is very underated.I used mine with a Lehman Black Cube SE with excellent results.
Thanks, Transnova. The one here on the 'gon sold, but I found another one - new - for $700 that I'm seriously considering.
I can't believe so many just brush aside the Adcom gfp 565.Its phono is completely quiet along with an excellent line stage and built to last. Can be had for much less and money saved for allot more software.
Hi Klein

This may sound crazy given the gear that you mention above but how about an Emotiva USP-1 preamp?

Another member here, Ferrari, who to me has a lot of credibility given the reviews he has done in the past and is very thorough in his review process praised the USP-1.

Emotiva USP-1 Review

I have a USP-1 now and am enjoying it although my gear is really budget compared to yours. The phono section on the USP-1 to me sounded a lot better than the NAD PP2 I had previously.

Good luck in your search.
Thanks Schipo and Jedinite. It's true; I've never heard any Adcom gear. I jumped right from 40-year-old McIntosh gear to Rowland, Plinius, Bryston, Pass Labs, etc. The 565 might fit the bill.

I actually own a USP-1 right now as a back-up pre- for any time I've sold my gear without replacing it yet or have gear in the shop. I like the USP-1, and I think the phono stage is remarkable for the price. The last time I had it in my system I A/B-ed it against a Plinius M16P and the Plinius phono beat it out but only by a little. I thought the USP-1 sounded a little bright and forward compared to the Plinius, which sounded more liquid and slightly more laid back to me. But at 10x the price.

Maybe it's unrealistic of me to think that I can best the USP-1 for a little more money.
No- I would try the Cary first before you throw in the towel.