Fair price for my Wilson Audio Sophia 2 Speakers

I bough the pair used eight months ago, but they are too big for my listening room.  I see prices all over the map for them used.  I have the original manual, spikes, toolkit, and everything that came with them when they were new, minus the shipping crates.  I left those with the seller.  I wouldn’t ship them anyway as I want to sell them locally.

Any thoughts on what to ask for them and what I could expect to get for them?  Thanks!
Those are 7-8 years old from new right? I would think 5-7k would be in the ballpark. 
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Since you didn't take the shipping crates, and you are forced to sell locally, I would guesstimate that your asking price would be in the low end of the range.
Throwing away original packaging material is the same as throwing away money.

I would suggest placing an ad asking for $1,000 less than you paid for them 8 months ago, and see what you get.

Yes, many prices for many items are all over the place. The high asking prices are from very patient sellers. I've watched their ads run for a year or more. Lower prices reflect a seller who wants to seriously sell his product.
So you have to decide if you want to sell your speakers this year or next year by your asking price.
This is a very tough sellers market the last 2-3 years. Good luck.
The three most recent sales reported in the Audiogon Blue Book are $4.1, 5.6, and 4K, all in 2016.
Thanks @jmcgrogan2. The seller live across the state from me and I emailed him last night asking if he still had the crates.  Hopefully he does so I can pick them up.
Hey just out of curiosity where are you located? I’m in the Bay Area and may be interested in them if your local! 
Oh darn. Saw the SF in your name thought you might be in San Francisco. Goodluck with the sale!