fair price for Avant Garde Duo 2.2

Can Audiogon members suggest what they think would be a fair price to ask for my pair of Avant Garde 2.2 speakers? They are a demo pair I bought from an audio store in Illinois and so I have been the only owner. I have new neighhbors in the neighboring condo next to mine and so my days of enjoying the full potential of these great speakers is over.
are they heard a mile away while you're listening? is this the only neighbor? who are these new neighbors? you know you have a right to enjoy the music in the day light no matter what'sepening.
Audiogon bluebook has the Duo 2.2 sII listed at $7550.00 used.
Why don't you "test" your neighbor a bit by turning it up a little at a time and see if you get any feedback from him. You could also invite him over for a drink and show him your set up. Those speakers are certainly beautiful and a conversation piece.
I'd start at 9k or 8995.
what color and year are they? do they have the Omega upgrade?
thanks Audiogon members: there is no working with the neighbors...they are 2 older women who work split shifts, with usually one sleeping in the afternoon and the other at night....I have neighbors on both walls...but the other neighbor is gone all day....the speakers just have to be used sparingly and at lower volumes than I would prefer (I was a professional drummer for 0ver 50 years..so you know what that means.I do appreciate the selling price guidelines and may list them (for local pick-up only..I have no crates and will not undertake to have them shipped), but they will fit in an SUV, small pick-up,etc. They are red in color. The subs are the version with the updated subs, but not the Omega version.I purchased them in 2003. I've had absolutely no problems with the subs or their amps or any other aspect of these speakers. They perform as when I bought them.I would likely list them for about $7500 if the buyer arranges to pick them up.
$7500 is a fair price for the 2.2. I saw a pair of Duo Omegas sell for $11K a few years back, which was a good deal as the Omega upgrade costs $8K alone. It replaces the drivers in the mid and tweeter and the crossovers.
IIRC the ".2" designation meant the lacquered woofer cabinets, which look much nicer than the Nextel ones.

I'd ask about $9K if you have the lacquered woofer cabinets, or $8,500 if you have the Nextel woofer cabinets.

Sorry you have to sell - I'd consider moving first!
Sounds like you are committed to selling so I won't try to talk you down from the cliff, but I am curious (since I own a pair of Duos of slightly later vintage and after a lot of fiddling with placement, settings and associated equipment, really love them). In my experience, I don't listen at ear shattering levels (although of course the Duos can play loud). Their virtue is their ability to handle the dynamics with so-called 'jump factor.' What is often 'penetrating' to neighbors in an apartment or shared wall situation is the bass. And just wondering, what you will replace them with, since, accepting my assumptions above, you may have the same issue with virtually any speaker, except perhaps for a mini monitor, old Quads, etc.
Not trying to be contentious here, but supportive.
bill hart
I've backed away from the cliff and it is true that low bass will always be a problem, if I buy any full range "good" speaker...I loved the Emerald Physic 2.3 MKII, which,I just heard at The Newport Beach audio show..at $6,000/pr they are VERY good....maybe I'm just wanting a change..I'm going to wait a few months until after my current condo refurbishing is done, and not put the Duos up for sale just yet.
i've heard duos and they play great quiet and loud. still see no reason for swap. i'd get headphones in addition and will get chances to listen to duo's fairly as well.
I'd hold on to them unless you're in financial need. Yes, your neighbors have lives and needs; but so do you and they can;t expect you to change your lifestyle just to accommodate their schedule. I mean, no one wants to be the ass-next-door, but you have the right to enjoy your music during normal hours (i.e., before noise ordinances kick in). As long as you're being reasonable and showing that you're trying to take your neighbors into consideration, right?

It's not your fault they have odd sleeping hours.
I think 6k is the fair price