Fair market value of a turntable/arm/cartidge?

I may sell my turntable and am not sure how you determine a fair price since the front end is essentially three items, the table, arm, and pickup? Bluebook doesn't have this info. As an example, if I was to sell my Oracle Delphi Mark IV, SME345 arm, and Grado Sonata cartridge, what would it be worth? Assuming the combo is worth 50% of original retail may not be accurate to the buyer or seller. Other than place the complete front end up for auction and let the market decide the relative price, is there another method? I assume there are many enthusiasts (like me) that don't buy via auction, preferring fixed pricing transactions. I feel like I should end this with "sincerely, I remain clueless" Opinions are most welcome, Jeff
SME345 ~ $600
Grado Sonata ~ $120
Oracle Delphi Mark IV ~ 1700+?

Anywhay selling as a package you might loose more.
1999 used book price on the Delphi is 1100.00 1000.00 for total pkg is more realistic.
Why would you sell this.Its a good table good arm.Get a decent cartridge and your set.
Thanks for posting..not sure where you dug up the info but I do thank you. Maybe I'm fundamentally lazy, but I would prefer to buy a 'table with the arm and then consider changing the pickup if/as required. Shipping a set-up like this most be one helluva challenge too, I suppose local sales make more sense?
In any case for the safe shipping I would suggest getting a dedicated box for your arm, cartridge and table.
Jeff- I'm with Natalie on this one- why not keep the table/arm and upgrade the cartridge?? If you are compelled to sell, though, you might want to consider selling the table/arm as a set and then sell the Grado separately as chances are that a potential buyer already has a particular cartridge in mind and won't have a use for(and want to pay for/ mess with)a cartridge he/she can't use.

I think your assumption about not going the auction route is probably spot-on in this particular case.

Y'all starting to thaw out in Quebec?

Thanks for the inputs all. Why would I sell my front end? Mostly because I started my own business and haven't drawn a paycheck in a year. I'd only sell the set up if I could get a fair buck for it, if it's worth only $1000 I'll hold on to my baby. As for the cartridge, the Sonata is on my other turntable (Oracle Alexandria)and I'd take my Reference off the Delphi and put the Sonata on if I was to sell. Again, thanks for the opinions.

Jimbo- we had no snow to speak of this winter, until two days ago. Storms imported from the U.S. no less!
Jeff, if you've recently started a business, you better talk to your accountant / tax consultant about the differences between a "draw" and a "paycheck". There is a BIG difference. I only mention this as you stated "i haven't drawn a paycheck in a year". Sean