fair complaint about Audiogon, violating no guidelines, removed

earlier today I posted complaint about this site, violating no guidelines, mentioning no party in particular, using no profane language....nice discussion ensued, then TAKEN  DOWN  by website!!!!
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Noticed that this morning. If there wasn't any kind of violation then the admins have some pretty serious explaining to do. Very sensitive group it appears. They deleted one of my responses on a different discussion, presumably because I mentioned a big-box hardware retailer by name. Who knows? If the moderators are going to just go around sanitizing every discussion based on some arbitrary mood then I don't see the point of coming here anymore. Too bad. I enjoyed reading the opinions and got some good intel
If you have questions or concerns just send a message to Tammy. She has always been very helpful.
How do I contact  Tammy?
Click on the contact us at the bottom of this page.
Audiogon is a privately held company...their rules.
yes, private, which we support....if we protest enough, perhaps there policies might bend somewhat...
I have been in extensive contact over the dispute with Sarah, to NO AVAIL
They deleted one of my responses on a different discussion, presumably because I mentioned a big-box hardware retailer by name.
That’s not cause for deletion, so there must be another explanation, which could include a simple error. So I agree with @falconquest -  contact Tammy for help.
... If the moderators are going to just go around sanitizing every discussion based on some arbitrary mood then I don’t see the point of coming here anymore.
I’ve found the moderators here to be very thoughtful and not at all arbitrary.
+1, cleeds.
I had suggested OP in his original thread to invite the seller for an open discussion. I understand OP’s frustration, he was probably treated unfairly. Without hearing seller’s side of story, we are unlikely to resolve anything or reach amicable solution.

Without rules, all there is chaos.
This site is so highly censored.  There are so many other audio forums out there...
I am not looking for solution with seller, he gave me back my money.  I am looking for Audiogon to not permit sellers to break contracts, such as this seller did. Additionally, they should permit me to put appropriate feedback, which they did NOT
Because we can't see what you wrote its hard to tell.  But in general the moderators seem to have set out clear do's and don'ts and have stuck to them.
I am looking for Audiogon to not permit sellers to break contracts
That is probably asking too much of an entity that provides a platform to facilitate buying and selling of used stuff. Contract disputes are handled by our legal system. The best you could probably hope for is for Audiogon to ban bad actors but there are two sides to every story and banning folks is a serious business and a slippery slope. Audiogon does encourage good behavior and discourage bad behavior through their feedback system. I have certainly gone the extra mile on transactions to maintain good feedback and I know others here do that too. Back in the day, they used to post some disputes and let members weigh in....that was sort of fun unless you were one of the folks in the dispute.
I am not looking for solution with seller, he gave me back my money. I am looking for Audiogon to not permit sellers to break contracts, such as this seller did. Additionally, they should permit me to put appropriate feedback, which they did NOT

No money changed hands, no goods were exchanged, you have not one single sentence or leg of any kind to stand on.

The end. Nothing complex or tricky about it.... Anything else you may try to bring to bear on the situation is irrelevant and personal, emotional... and has nothing to do with the essentials of what took place. Essentials that govern the situation in it’s entirety of obligations.

I’m in Canada, and have had many an American refuse to do business with me due to where I’m located.

It does not matter what I feel about it. Lost or missed a lot of good deals, and that made me upset. Swearing mad on a few of them.... like some sort of unrelenting Tourettes nightmare.

I too had zero legs to stand on in those scenarios, and I kept my mouth and my feelings out of it.

As these reactions of mine had zero to do with anyone’s actions or obligations to anyone.
Dont cry be a big boy and keep on truckin its only a thread!!
@teo_audio,For the sake of information, I have purchased items in Canada a couple of times. I like buying from Canada due to the exchange rate advantage. I would encourage others to reconsider. It's not like Canada is Outer Mongolia or something. (no disrespect to Outer Mongolians of course!)

I’m in Canada, and have had many an American refuse to do business with me due to where I’m located. 
That speaks volumes of how small minded some are. 

All the best,

I concur, sellers remorse shouldn't be condoned. If you post a price, then you have to honor it once payment is made.
That being said, I would just move onward and let it go. Karma will provide balance to both sides- at least, I hope.
Check Hifi Shark for your piece of equipment. I bet you will find what you are looking for, and at the price you want eventually.
item purchased from another, very nice seller
Also I have just been obliged to accept cookies to continue access  to this site. I thought that obligation was illegal - I have no wishes to allow cookies for anyone
all I really wished was to protect other buyers from this seller.....
@jw944ts I think it's great you are trying to give us a heads up! Sorry but can't help notice the 944ts........I just sold a nice 944ts in keeping with forum, it had a nice stereo  :  )
@cleeds That is reassuring to hear and if this was a one-off I'd treat it as an error or glitch however, I have seen this complaint raised by several participants before and while some can probably be written off as cranks or nonsense, it does seem to occur much more than I would expect.

I have only been using this site for 5 or 6 months but that's long enough to get a feel for the overall tone of the forum. This seems like a pretty good-natured bunch of technical hobbyists and industry professionals. I don't see many apocalyptic, offensive, fringe-dwelling extremists to deal with so when I notice a disproportionate number of complaints about posts being deleted, especially by pretty well regarded members, that does give me pause.

True; it's a private company and they can do whatever they want with their business as far as I'm concerned, but deleting your customer's comments without any explanation probably isn't going to draw many people in.
^^Audiogon do send a email with an explanation anytime they delete your post. I know this for a fact!
Agreed.  What's wrong with mentioning the name of a retailer if they are not treating their customers wrong.  Perhaps they need to be singled out as a warning to others.
I've gotten 'kicked' periodically, the reason/rationale for which made me curious as to 'why'.  But, overall, I can't complain and frankly won't....

It may be a 'public forum', but hosted by a private entity; if I trip over a 'boundary' (perhaps unseen/unknown) and get yanked, well....

There's many a subtle way to invoke invective towards 'things' and individuals in a manner that either eludes or 'flies beneath the radar'. ;)

"The mailed fist beneath the velvet glove..." 

The 'sucker punch' delivered, unrealized by the target but noticed by others contains a larger degree of satisfaction than the outright *blurt*.

...one just has to work @ it...*G*
Audiogon lets plenty of sketchy stuff get through, especially posts that don't agree with me 100% or recognize how hilarious and smart I am. A mystery...I do think they should be a little tougher on whining though as that's simply tawdry and disturbing, especially when exclamation points are used!
Post removed 
Many years ago, I did a  "new posting" which was never published. I had recommended Tivoli radios as being a remarkably good sounding with even a few similarities to high-end products. With a stereo Model#3 set-up on either side of my bed including their sub-woofers, jazz recordings on local stations sound outstanding. I still use the radio to this day; of course I have some major components assembled in my LR. I still don't know what line I crossed. Stereophile even reviewed the radio. 
@french_fries - I have a Tivoli radio stereo set-up and what kills it for me is that I cannot get it to draw in any FM stations unless I am virtually sitting next to the broadcasting studio!
The one or two stations I can get sound good but just about any $30 boom box seems to have a better tuner. Do you have any antenna tricks outside of using the wire antenna that comes with it?
Funny....they deleted my (inane) post, in a series of posts putting them down for deleting posts.  Gotta love the hypocrisy.   
Hi Mitch, the radio I bought has the (older) manual tuner (like the models 1 and 2) and it has remarkable reception. Late at night I get stations that are even More distant. I "later" bought the expensive ($600 retail) model stereo Digital-Tuning
radio with BOTH L+R speakers and subwoofer built in. It also sounds good, but I had to get a dedicated outdoor FM-antenna installed (about $100 plus installation) because the reception was admittedly dreadful with the included T-antenna. AFTER That it almost reached  the same performance as the "basic" models. The #3 is the one with the clock, a ST/Mono switch, a sub-out jack and ST- speaker output. You can also hook up your computer for many more stations. I use a Y-cable so I have TWO subs on either night-stand plus of course the other stereo speaker. It sounds very natural, although Beethoven #5 is a little too challenging (a bit muddled) for a 3.5in. full-range driver and a 5in. subwoofer. But pop, rock, and especially jazz all work well. Also I can't comment on their current models being better or worse. The older models are still available, but I would try to get an unused (NOS) piece.
Mine is an older Model One, must be a lemon.  Maybe I should look inside for a loose tuner wire.
The knee jerk editorial reactions by the moderators to slightest objections whether warranted or not by some of the oh so sensitive complainers is becoming ludicrous. Trying to get clarification or content republished is not made easy, and often times not responded to. The arbitrary censorship is becoming more and more frequent. It used to be better here.
Dear Mitch2,
I didn't want to say the radio was without its faults. Truth is, the Manual Tuner has one major drawback (in my experience- I'm on my 3rd model over 15 years). Dust and/or wear and tear takes its toll in the form of excess noise when tuning in stations (and in-between, too). By tuning (with the Vol. turned down) back and forth 3-4 times all the way from one end to the other, the noise will dissipate for awhile. But the more you use the tuner the worse it gets. I give my older one away (still works of course) and just go on the internet and get another (for about $100). Of course you have the Internal/Ext.Antenna switch on the back as another option. But maybe you can fix the tuner if you go inside. 
Teo has a good point about people in the USA not desiring to SELL items to people in Canada…. and it is called stupid shipping pricing!
Plain and simple.

I fail to see how the USPS cannot match Canada Post or even England post for shipping items international.

I have bought so many items from England and Canada but sell them?
Shipping costs make it near impossible.

I believe that is all Teo is referencing, nothing more.
For me, the irritation includes the shipping issues as mentioned already, the customs clearance fees, taxes, and delays particularly when purchasing from private individuals.  I will purchase from folks like Partsconnexion or from equipment manufacturers, but after one particularly irritating and costly purchase, I no longer trade with individuals in other countries.  It is clearly stated on my posted ads and is a choice I am allowed to make.
One time A member claimed that he bought total close to $400,000 worth of Amplifiers within 2-3 years of time frame. I was curious to check his previous audiogon posts and found ZERO posts in the last 2-3 years. I then stated that I didn’t believe his claim and .My post got on removed! There is legit reasons I didn’t believe that claim. I believe a false claim will do more harm to Aufiogon forum than a not believing comment