Fair Asking Price for a

Basis Audio 2000 with original packaging, a clean bill of health from the basis dealer and without a tonearm?  It’s cut for an SME arm.  
Since we’re at it, what SME arm would be appropriate for this table?

That was my first table. Pretty darn nice table. Best thing about it, for me more than you, was after using a good ten years it sold for what I paid for it new. Which makes sense. Great design, built to last, nothing anywhere really to go wrong.  

Also a beautiful table from the point of view of modding. First mod I ever did was to hardwire a new power cord to the motor to replace the stock freebie rubber power cord. The bearing is big and quality and as I recall sealed, but the way it mounts is simple and it will be real easy to improve with a bit of fO.q tape. The "plinth" is nothing more than a piece of 1" thick acrylic with some holes drilled into it. Being acrylic you could easily drill to mount any arm. 

Mine was run with the Graham 2.2, at least as good an arm as you are talking about. Get as good an arm as you can afford, they last a long time.

One thing to watch for, Basis uses a silicone damping fluid in the four pods. Some or even all of this fluid can evaporate over time. In my case, ten years, didn't even notice until I was getting it ready to ship. The pods/footers are removed and because of the fluid they are sealed with an O-ring when compressed and fastened in place. When I went to get them ready to ship, no fluid! So ask and maybe get a little off to cover new silicone fluid.  

That will probably be about the only discount you will get. Oh well. You pay more now, but you get it back when you sell. Won't get that with Rega, VPI....
Thanks MC, I can get the table (or I could have a few hours ago, for $799.

I’m guessing the Basis will outperform my Yamaha PF-800 and, from a performance perspective, wouldn’t be just a lateral move.  It would certainly look better IMO.
Actually now that I think about it pretty sure mine was a 2001. Not sure what the difference was. Long time ago. Sort of remember they looked almost identical but one (the 2001 I think) had the four pods with silicone damped springs inside. The other one the pods looked very similar but without springs. But don't hold me to it, long time ago.  

In any case yes a very attractive table. Timeless simplicity. It was the basis (no pun intended) for the Miller Carbon, my table that was built on the same general design principles. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367 Only I made a lot of improvements based on what I learned experimenting with and modding the Basis.  

If you get the one without the springs that will be just as well. Townshend wasn't around back then but they are now and the Townshend Pods under that table will be much, much better than the Basis suspension. 
I think that is a good deal.

I sold a Basis 2000 in 09/2015 for $1,100 and included a Basis branded Rega tonearm.

The best tonearm to put on that table is a Basis Vector, based on my experience.
Thanks for the insight.  I wish this particular example wasn’t cut for an SME arm, although an adapter is available from OL.
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That’s the one. I offered $750 and the seller counterd with $799.  Decided $1800 would be too much for that table so I’m looking to move up the line and seeking a Basis 2500.
Hate to bring up the sad topic, but perhaps someone could chime in with any insight into the stability of Basis support given the passing of Mr. Conti. Unfortunately such considerations often come into play when investing in older gear from artisan companies. 
The 2500 is a lovely table for sure. I also agree that the Vector arm is a natural match and a great arm in its price class. Cheers,