Factory service for products from the 90's

I would hope reputable companies would continue service for amps and preamps from the 90's. Your thoughts?


My experience indicates very significant positive progress in fidelity is made by the time ten years has passed. So, of course, old equipment is much cheaper, and repair can be inexpensive. An older amp should be cheap. Whether this appeals to you depends on what you are going for and your budget.

A Rolls Royce from the 1990's still provides a luxurious ride and safely gets you from a to b. I think excellent audio products from the 90's still sound good.


the parts you need are available just not from McIntosh. Lamps and silicone grommets. As you said old were hard and disintegrated.

I installed new bulbs and silicone grommets that hold the bulbs on my old C36

preamp before selling it. Not to hard at all just take pictures step by step. Just

be careful with glass.

McMaster Carr for grommets and Mouser for lamps.



Pretty much can fix, repair, rebuild, upgrade any audio component.


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