Faceplate & Handles for Audio Research Classic 60

Hey does anyone know if it's possible or where I can obtain a new faceplate and/or handles for my Audio Research Classic 60? I've spent the last couple of days searching everywhere. The face plate isn't all that bad of shape but my handles got scratched when I was stupid enough to slide it while having it upright adjusting the bias & checking the servos.

I'll take the silver or black either one.

I'm thinking if I can't find the faceplate at least maybe the handles would be for sale somewhere.

If not I'll try to lightly buff the scratches out of the handles and repaint them.

Faceplate is currently the silver one and it might be able to be cleaned up some too but I didn't want to risk damaging it even worse.

Anyway thanks.
I'd think Audio Research have them available.

Otherwise heres something that might work, example is a 4.5" handle but other sizes are available too

Keystone Handle

Best of Luck

Post a "wanted" ad here on AudiogoN. I've had
great success with that tactic.
Try: FrontPanelExpress.com for the faceplate.
They can reproduce your faceplate or customize one to your design. Although I haven't done business with them their services do look interesting.
I have some good news. I took the face plate off and to the kitchen sink where I scrubbed with a sponge and Comet cleanser.

It worked it looks almost new. Very nice.

So now I only have to worry about the handles. I'll check the link.

That's great news about the faceplate. Since the handles contain no lettering or silk screening, they can be easily painted or better yet, anodized.
I have a new pair of black handles. They came with a CL60 I bought in 1998 or so. They were all wrapped in bubble wrap, but somehow I found one floating around the bedroom sans wrap. Not sure where the other is, but if you are interested in one or two black handles let me know.
Ok thanks! I've ordered the ones from Mouser that someone showed me above but if they look different when I get them I'll take you up on it.

I need to keep it original.