Face Palm...vibration control

Despite having my components well isolated with sand platforms,walnut butcher block,granite tile,and sorbathane, it finally dawned on me the reason the tubes in my LTA MZ2 were loosening up and resulting in irritating SQ issues was the isolation remained inadequate.I just installed three Orea bronze under the LTA and four Iso-puck minis under it's sand box.Didn't expect big change in sound,just was hoping to keep this light weight component stable.But damned if it doesn't sound more relaxed and a little cleaner.I already have the Aperta speaker stands under the amp(didn't like them for their intended use) and never any problems with loose tubes there.The other four mini pucks are under the dac's sand box.
Anyway,just wanted to let whoever was mulling over trying some isolation footers that these are effective and very inexpensive.Other cones and roller ball types have never worked well for me so my expectations were low,so 'Face Palm' and note to self to be open to newer and better methods.