F I M Speaker Cables

How good are these cables more interested on the gold series Thanks

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I'm with you. I was wrong. I am sorry, Viggen.
That's funny, Viggen. I've owned FIM Gold series cable nearly 2 years with NO problems what so ever. (Of course, my mono blocks weigh over 130 pounds each). I should also add that thousands have owned FIM cables with no problems, (otherwise they'd have posted here). I'm guessing that since you remark about Adcom and Aragon, you haven't used nor seen FIM. This said, how valid are your comments? Try nill. Nothing. Nada.

By the way, I own JM Lab Utopias, (the same tweeter), maybe, that SDRCONSULT says blows with FIM. I've used them for the past 20 months WITH JM Lab Utopias without any problems. Same is true with 5 other FIM/Utopia owners that I know. I HAVE experience. You do not.

FIM is not Audioquest. Thank God.

Good day to you, Sir!