extremely soft RCA cables

I am looking for EXTREMELY soft shielded audio RCA cables to use on my SME 3009 arm on a Linn LP12. Almost every damn cable I found is stiff enough to affect the movement of the subchassis, no matter how I bunch the cables below the tonearm. They either push the subchassis up, down, sideways etc. which affect both the bounciness & the geometry.

To this end, I am looking for recommendations. The cable needs to be about 5 feet, shielded, and above all, feather soft so that it does not present any kind of a force to the subchassis.

PS: I do not need to spend more that 20 bucks at most on a cable. Not worth it.... I dont care about its esotericness, I simply need it to be soft.

I've made up interconnects from Mogami 2534 cable and they are the lightest weight cables I've ever handled, thin and fairly flexible. They're also inexpensive relative to most interconnects. 
I have Auditorium23 interconnects in my system they sound great and are very lightweight and flexible.
I use both the Canare L-4E6S and Mogami 2534 mentioned above and I would say they are both very flexible and identical in that regard.  In your situation I would look to make sure you are getting light RCA connectors, as my Mogami RCA connectors are a heavy all metal affair probably meant for pro applications, whereas the Canare are very lightweight, mostly plastic.  You can designate what connectors you want if you have them made at a very reasonable price from either Redco Audio or Markertek.  I have purchased from both in the past.