Extremely high frequency being emitted. speakers?

Certain parts, of certain tracks, on certain cds are emitting a high frequency (annoyingly high, as in, that sound that a older tvs emit when they are not functioning properly). I am not sure if it is a problem with the cdp, amp, speakers, interference, etc, or maybe not a problem at all.

I dont think it is a problem with any component, because it is consistent, as far as when it occurs (specific tracks) and if I fast forward, or skip to the next track it dissapears. Could it just be the way it was recorded, or could it be the speakers and the way they are interpreting some part of the signal? It doesnt happen too often, but like, I said, its the same songs that it happens on, and when it gets to that point, it just ruins the song for me and I want to skip over it.
Sounds to me like a reading problem with your cd player..My guess is it only happens with your cd player..Do you have your cd player on a firm foundation? Maybe try a different footer underneath ( just guessing ) ...Vibration control....
Swap in another CD player to determine if it is your player.
..sounds like it was recorded that way because of the consistency and song specificity...it would not be your speakers. Take the CD to a friend's house and see if its still there
Is there a reason why you left the name of the CD out of your post? It also wouldn't hurt to state the points where the sound occurs.
Need more information...
The cdp is a year old onkyo sp-405 dvd/cd player. I will try swapping in another one. I dont own a high quality cdp as very recently built my system and I plan on getting a DAC and implementing a music server with a mac mini. I will try another dvd player I have, and maybe even my laptop, just to see.

It has happened on some sigur ros tracks, a flaming lips track, and I believe a m. ward track as well. I will listen to them again and give you exact points. Actually, I am just now listening to The Decemberists, the crane wife, track 10, at 3:30, it appears. It is very subtle though, and my ears have to be on a very specifc plane to be able to hear it, but it is such a high frequency that it is quite annoying. I am beginning to think its my cdp. Maybe I will invest in a high quality universal player eventually. Universal because I have limited space in my rack unit.

As for the rest of my gear:
Speakers are gallo ref. 3.1
Amp is Mcintosh MA6450 Integrated
cables and IC's are transparent cables.