Extreme SST, QuickSilver Gold, Furutech NanoLiquid

Has anyone tried the above contact enhancers and had a chance to compare them?

I've been using Walker Audio Extreme SST and find it very useful, but what about the other two. QuickSilver Gold looks similar to SST but NanoLiquid is some kind of oil with Gold particles in addition of Silver.

Any differences in performance?
I just tried the quicksilver gold. I had been using the quicksilver silver. The gold is a big jump over the silver. My system is still burning the gold in, but right away the diff is like night and day. This is a great tweak, go gold.
I just came from my local audio guru. He has all three. The Furutech, Quicksilver and Quicksilver Gold. He only had one bottle of the Furutech and a few of the others left. He likes the Furutech the best. The Furutech has both silver and gold particles in the fluid. I had been using the Walker SST. I will report in a couple of days.
hey Cousinbillyl any comments to make about the FURUTECH....very curious to know...!
I have been using the Extreme Audio Quiclsilver Gold for about a month now on all connections and on the ends of the HFT fuses with great results. I had previously been using the Walker SST, but I found it to be a bit "sharp" sounding, while the Gold starts out that way and then seems to "mellow" a bit after several hours of use. Great product for most high resolution systems.