Extreme Phono None-Felt Mat Residue


I recently purchased the donut style none-felt mat for my turntable. I like the sound of it as compared to the standard felt mat--much tighter across the board.

One major problem, though, is that it leaves a residue on my LPs. I have tried cleaning the mat with regular dish soap and water, followed by a brushing with some record cleaning solution. This did help a little bit, but the residue remains. I have tried to remove the residue from my LPs with a regular vacuum cleaning, but it hasn't worked. (I'll have to take the plunge and purchse the miracle record cleaner, I think...) So, my question is: how can I prevent the mat from leaving this residue on my LPs? Is there a better way to clean the mat?

I should note that I have been leaving my LPs on the turntable and mat for longer than is required to listen to them, and this appears to make a difference to what residue is left on them when I remove them. Still, short of always returning them to the sleeve, what can I do to prevent this problem?

I have the mat and have not had any residue on my LPs. How long are you leaving them on the platter? I would just take them off and return them to their sleeves after playing. I don't leave my CDs in the drawer for days either. What kind of residue is it? Plastic shavings? Dust? Gunk? It doesn't sound good.

Good to hear you don't have the problem. I don't know how to describe the residue. . . . . It definitely is not any kind of "plastic shaving" or dust. Looks like a bunch of dots where the record comes in contact with the mat. Kind of looks like the sorts of water drop stains that can be left on glasses or on silverware after washing them. Don't know what sort of residue it is, though, but it is troubling.

I should also note that washing the mat twice (and subsequently wiping down with record cleaning solution) did help some. Now the residue is only on the outer inch of the record, rather than all over the surface--which was the case initially.

Have you talked to Extremephono about this? Casey Ng is a great guy. I'm sure he'll have some advice for you.
I have the same mat and don't have that problem. Maybe yours is from a bad batch of the material. Why don't you ask for an exchange?
BTW, I agree with your experience as far as the sonics, compared to the felt mat.
Are you clamping them too hard?

I don't clamp. Just the record sitting on the mat on the platter.

Thanks for the advice about emailing Ng. Good to hear not everyone has this problem.

I'm from "Terra Santa"... Israel, and with my ProJect 6.9 I'm using the UK made Ringmat!
Superb sound, and always CLEAN records...!


Mine leaves the residue also. Let me know if you come up with any solutions.
I have the same problem. Gotta throw in a word here so I can follow this. I can't believe I never saw this before. Guess I've been playing the same side too often.
I had the same problem too. I love the sound of the mat. I've been using Gruv Glide for over 20 years and had great results so I thought I would try it on the new CCR 180gr collection.

First untreated. I did get some of the residue the others have mentioned, and I have seen.

Next I treated with Gruv Glide and there was virtually no residue. I think their anti-stat in the treatment prevents the crud from sticking. Just a guess..

Hope this helps, happy listening!
Have the same experience. Play a side, remove the LP and can see the
residue marks....but they seem to evaporate fairly quickly. Have left an LP on 'table over night and those remained. I need to go back and see if they have also "vanished".