Extract audio & image from a PC --> 4 TVs + amp + speakers


I’ll open soon a small fitness center in France, and here is my installation:

- 2 x 75’’ LED TVs at left of the room with 2 x Martin speaker and 1 Martin sub.

- 2 x 75’’ LED TVs at right of the room with 2 x Martin speaker and 1 Martin sub.

Only videoclips will be played on the 4 TVs. The TV will always play the same thing at same moment. The synchronisation must be perfect between the 4 TVs, and of course, with the audio. The DSP Martin DX0.5 will allow, I think, to manage the delay between the sound and the image, I’ll tune it once and for all.

All will be controled by my PC, with Windows 10.

My problem is that I don’t know at all how to do with my PC.

- my mothercard is a "Gigabyte B360 HD3"

- my graphic card is "Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Windforce OC 6Gb"

What I want to do is splitting my PC monitor in two: on the left part of the monitor, I want to see my normal desktop (to check my e-mail, control my .mp4 playlist, etc.), and on the right part, I want to see the videos, exactly what my clients will see. Of course, I never want that my clients see the mouse pointer, texts, etc., I don’t want that they see what I’m doing: only videos for hours and hours.

Splitting my PC monitor like that is possible?

Am I right about these connexions?

- PC monitor plugged to the Graphic Card DisplayPort.

- HDMI Bluestream splitter plugged to the Graphic Card HDMI port.

- Focusrite plugged to the Motherboard green sound Realtek output?

The resolution of my videoclips will be all different, sometimes 1080p, sometimes 720p, maybe 4K. Is it possible with my playlist that all is automatic and that the image size automatically adapt to my 75’’ TVs?

Thanks so much for the help, I’m really lost in that last step of my project! :)




I still have an issue about sound extraction.

What is the best solution to extract sound (ampli will treat the delay with image) with the best sound quality possible:

A) Directly from the computer with a Focusrite (USB) ?

B) From the audio output of the Bluestream HDBaseT splitter (in that case, 2 options: digital coaxial OR analog L/R) ?

Some shops told me that A) was better than B), and other than B) was better than A)...

Thanks a lot! :)





Post-Covid period, I'm finally about to open my place...

So, my choice is :

  • IMAGE: HDMI Blustream splitter plugged to the Graphic Card HDMI port.
  • SOUND: Focusrite plugged to a PC USB port.

As I display to my 75'' TVs music videos, some in 4K, I need that the PC is powerful enough so there is never any delay or problem.

But the "GIGABYTE GeForce RTX™ 2060" is no longer available, or for crazy prices >500 euros.

Do I need a graphic card so powerful? I'll never use the PC for gaming, only to display music videos...

So what graphic card may I need?

Thanks a lot

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