external x-over for sub....

Anybody make an affordable external crossover with variable settings and slopes? thanks....
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Paradigm X-30 has controls for x-over frequency, phase, & volume. Two recently sold here on audiogon for $125 & $95. They come up now and then and rarely sell for more than $130.
Old equipment but very numerous settings with Sumo Delilah or Samson
Behringer DCX2496
There is a used Hsu Research High-end crossover for $199 right here at Audiogon.
I have a DBX 120 Subharmonic synthesizer that also incorporates a crossover that I am thinking of selling pretty cheap. Drop me an email.
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I use the Ashly 3.24 CL. I think it's really really good. It replaced the Behringer 2496.
Research the Dahlquist DQ-LP1. Passive high-pass/active low pass. Very transparent with a polystyrene in the high-pass. Easy to upgrade, and still being used/supported in the high-end market. (http://www.regnar.com/Dahlquist_Speaker_Parts_Service_Page_DQ-MX1.htm) See page 13: (http://www.avahifi.com/root/audio_basics/ab_pdf/ab1989.pdf) Notice on page one of this review, what is used to bi-amp the system. (http://www.nolaspeakers.com/reviews/tas/exoticaGR_part1.pdf)
Has anybody had a chance to compare Paradigm x-30 and Outlaw ICBM?
I have them both but, no, I have not compared them because their functionality is so vastly different.

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