external power supply question, will it work??

hey forum, quick question regarding external power supply units for a preamp.  the original amp manufacturer does have an optional supply to replace the dinky wall wart (rather pricey), but there are also many available external power supplies from other manufacturers.  my question is, can i use any external supply that has the correct voltage (appears to be 24v in the case of this unit), and expect it to work, or are there other specifications that must be met for compatibility, and if so, what should i look for?

thanks for any assistance / info the forum can provide.
If the wallwart’s a 24V unit, another 24V supply should work, providing it has the current capability, required by the preamp.
You need voltage AND current.

However, the problem is finding a high quality, low noise unit. You can find several wall warts which are digital and noisy as can be.

I can highly recommend Astron power supplies as great, low noise, general purpose units.

To be clear,
Voltage should match, but current can be over.
Agree Voltage needs to be correct, but the available amperage/current can be higher, even double or triple, quadruple. I would not worry about a four or five amp device. (I would avoid huge ones..thirty... fifty amperes and such though...), and no problem.Yes any power supply can do, What you want is a quality device, low ripple, good capacitor storage.
Almost all my preamps use a large separate power supply, One (actually two separate) was swapped by a rebuilder, Jon Soderberg and made as one for both the Threshold line and Threshold phono FET 10 pair.
I would suggest checking out American Science and Surplus.. over time they have all sorts of power supplies. Some are very high quality Science stuff. An actual store is better than the website.. But the website can do.