External phono stage for Luxman 509x

I have a Luxman 509x on the way. I’ve heard it has a good mm/mc phono stage built in. What would it take in an external phono stage to beat it? Would something like a Parasound Jc3+ be better and why? 


I’m confused by your answer. Are you saying “no way” it’s better than Luxman stage or “no way” go with a Jc? Sorry I’m not understanding your reply. 

Sorry saying DON'T do a JC3+ nothing special IMO. Now a Gold Note PH-10 sounds great and VERY versatile.

I recommend as good a Audio Research phono stage as you can afford. They are world class. I futzed around with other brands and was very disappointed for over ten years, then I found ARC, the last 40 years I have had ARC. Natural, detailed and musical. Buy used to improve your buying power. Spend twice as much as you think necessary and you will be rewarded. It is far up the signal path and requires excellence to bring out the magic from your vinyl. 

I probably should not have mentioned the Parasound unit. I just know it’s highly regarded at its price point so I used it as an example. I’m really not looking for what’s better than a Parasound jc3+. My point in posting was to find out what everyone thought of the phono stage in the Luxman. And what I would have to purchase to best it.