External phono stage for Luxman 509x

I have a Luxman 509x on the way. I’ve heard it has a good mm/mc phono stage built in. What would it take in an external phono stage to beat it? Would something like a Parasound Jc3+ be better and why? 


The built in phono stage is VERY good so to better it you would need to spend some serious money. With that said, you need to buy the cartridge to work with MC as it’s set to a 100ohm load. Absolutely zero flexibility.

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Absolutely zero flexibility

That's why I love the Gold Note PH-10, it's flexibility is almost endless and just sounds great@

You haven’t even received the 509, let alone heard it’s phono section, and you’re already looking for an upgrade? Take a chill pill and listen to the 509 phono for a few months before collecting the opinions of strangers here.

I’m not sure why this post is all the sudden gaining traction again. I asked this question a month ago. Received the 509 a few days after the post and then the next week I purchased a Parasound JC3+. The luxman phono is good but the Parasound is definitely better and of course way more flexible.