External Linear Power Supplies

Does anyone have any experience in comparing the following external linear power supplies:
SBooster (most expensive)
Small Green Computet
iFi Power Supplies (least expensive) ?

I am interested in effectiveness, and bang for the buck.

I would use one of these to Power a Chord Qutest, a SugarCube SC-2 and a Massdrop THX AAA Headphone amp.


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This i can tell you not all LPS are Equal the best under $1k and I have compared them all in our audio group Linear Tube Audio ,it not onky weighs 6 pounds 

but after looking under the cover nothing under $1000 is on par ,we have been comparing Anyone wanting solid advise ,email me I can give you a break down 

The Chinese ones at small green computer are perfect for the modem,router combo ,and coming out of the dirty end ,Thst being said on the end point you absolutely want the best LPS as well as decent power cord ,and DC cable 

Linear tube Audio ,even the DC cable is = to what others charge $100 for I have on my sonore deluxe  it sounds great but needs a solid 100 hours runin.

I have a ZeroZone low noise LPS I bought on AliE a couple years ago, powering the TA2024 amplifier that drives my midrange and treble horns.

It's been on 24/7, never got too warm, DC output is extremely stable, never had an issue and more importantly it made this 200$ amp sound like it's a 2000$ amp!

I bought a Zero Zone last week to power my streamer and so far I am hearing a subtle difference in sound. I will wait and report back after 150-200 hours. Is an upgraded DC cable necessary? Daniel