External HD changing the quality of the sound?

HI everyone! It's my first thread in the community and i'm willing to go far in the journey of high quality sound :)
I just wanted to know if what i heard was true... (i don't have yet the equipment to test it) but is it true that if you have your music stored in external hd it lower the quality in the line out (like connected to a dac, etc.) Because the informations pass trought more stuff before going to the speaker/headphones? In the same type of question, is the type of connection (usb 2.0, usb 3.0, firewire 800) change the quality of the sound too?
Thank you for your advance! :D
In principle it should make no difference, Freb03. It is all digital until it gets converted to analog, where the idea the more components in path having an effect makes more sense.
External HDD brings ground noise into the server (unless its connected optically) and then its up to the server designers to deal with this phenomenon.