External Hard Drive Capacity.........

At the risk of committing heresy,here goes.

If I get a Creative Sound Labs MP-3 player,to use as an external hard drive,can I record 44.1,rebook standard on it,to use through a USB port or into a digital audio recorder to my two channel system?

If so,how many minutes(or hours) will fill 1GB of capacity?

I see on sale one that is 6gb and one that is 8gb,and I'm wondering how many cds(roughly) I could transfer to each one?

Thank you all.
I am not sure about how you will get it to you system but, if you keep the files as .wav (redbook) you will get about 100 minutes per gig.
OIf you are set to using an external hard drive, why not go for broke, and get a Maxtor 1TB (terabyte) Onetouch 3?
The maxtor site suggests you can get 16,000 hours of music out of it.
As a rough guide, a redbook CD will be about 600 megabytes. Depending on the length of the CD, go up or down a bit from that. So I'm thinking maybe 80 minutes max of wav files in a gigabyte.