external drive for mac mini

my 2010 mac mini optical drive has become persnickety in reading discs.it seems to be time to move to an external optical drive for rip, burn and play.i assume that the connection to the mini would be via usb.i am requesting recommendations. as to price. i am willing to go to $200, but a rock solid drive at $100, would be great.

thanks for your help
The site link below has a wide range of drives. I've used them many times for apple/mac compatible products. They have instruction videos for do it yourself upgrades and repairs. I used one to upgrade the memory on my mini, no easy task but made easy with their step by step video. Good people!

I use this LaCie drive with my Mac. Around $100 and no issues. http://www.lacie.com/products/product.htm?id=10340
thanks for responses. will take a gander.
My Mac Mini internal DVD drive needs laser cleaning about once a year. 10 seconds job with cleaning CD and no problems for a year. You can also replace internal drive.

External "rock solid drive" might use exactly the same (or not better) drive inside.
yes, how could i have forgotten to clean the laser! stupid me.
if that doesn't fix the issue,then i will check out lacie.
$59.00 on the "bay" http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-BOX-LaCie-20x-DVD-RW-8x-DL-LightScribe-/280726770404
to kijanki: simple brilliance: a laser cleaning did the job.
again, why turn to the obvious remediation ? i'own' my stupidity and give thanks to 'goners for their replys.