External DAC and a Processor with NO analog passthrough

I am using a Theta Casanova as my home theater processor. It does not have any analog passthrough. I would like to use a Wadia 27ix for my redbook cd's. My idea is to use an Adcom GFP-750 as the preamp for the the Left and Right channels. I'll connect the 27ix to the "CD In" on the preamp and the Theta's Left and Right output to the preamp as well. The preamp would then passthrough both of the signals (untouched/uncolored according to Stereophile) to the amp. I could use the same front speakers and amp for both the 27ix and Theta this way. Has anyone ever done this? I am guessing the Wadia output signal, the CD In on the Adcom and the Theta's Left and Right channel output are all the same type? Anyone?
I have a friend who does this with an Adcom 750.

It works really well.

Don't know if this will sound too opportunistic, but I was just about to list a pair of Audio Alchemy DLC preamps that served the same purpose in my system. The reason for two preamps is that if you are running a subwoofer, like I am, I wanted to be able to use the subwoofer for my two channel listening, not just home theater. What I did was run the output of the DAC to input one of the first DLC, and the front left and right output of my processor into input two. Since the DLC has dual outputs, I ran one set of outputs to my power amp, and the second set into input one on the second DLC. I then connected the subwoofer output from the processor to input two of the second DLC, and the output of the second DLC to my subwoofer. I know this sounds complicated, but once you get it all set up, it makes it possible to switch from your two channel setup to your home theater setup at the push of one button. The trick is to program the second DLC to unity gain, that way when you use the remote to switch from input one to input two, the subwoofer sees the appropriate signal. When listening to two channel, the processor is completely out of the circuit path, while in home theater, the only degradation is the additional run through the second DLC on the way to the amp. Whether you decide to go this route or not, I'd be happy to help you out either way. Just send me an e-mail at screedchan@yahoo.com