External DAC

My current setup consist from HEGEL H360 integrated amp 
the inner dac is good but i like to upgrade to external/better dac
the hegel hd30 is very good one but cost $5000
what other dacs can be a good option up to $3000
and of course better than the internal dac of the h360?
I had a Schiit Bifrost and it was better than the DAC in the Hegal HD 30 and that swas a  while ago. The new Bifrost would be much better.

The Schiit Gungnier would ba another step up and the  YGGDRASIL would be abother step up from the Gungnir.

There are many other great DAC's out there, so I'm sure other members will suggest some varied and great alternatives


A Benchmark will be a better DAC, but I doubt you will hear the difference. DACs are so good that they are rarely the bottle neck in a system. Speakers and the room always are, but I see elsewhere that you have nice Spendors. So, if your room is big enough, how about two decent subwoofers (always only with room eq like the Antimode 8033)?
Benchmark DAC 3 is excellent - exceptional measured performance.
Ignore the Measurement Brothers.

I had a Hegel HD-12 (which I liked) that is said to be very similar in sound character to yours. Moved up to a used Exogal Comet Plus. The latter is much more detailed, textured, and refined sounding with more air and soundstage depth & layering. Opens up a new listening experience with well recorded  music.

The Hegel was a bass monster (in a good way mostly), the Comet is faster in the midbass with less heft in the lower mids. Both have smooth, musical midrange with the Hegel being more forward.

Auralic Vega or Chord Hugo TT
Exogal Comet Plus
Benchmark DAC 3 is excellent - exceptional measured performance.

Fantastic sound and build quality  - just got it (DAC3 HGC).