external crossover recommendations

What would you recommend to pull off the low pass signal and send it to a subwoofer, prior to the preamp?

Why prior to the preamp? How will you control volume for all channels that way? Usually, the crossover is in or after the preamp. Also, what are you connecting up?

The best analog crossover in terms of pure sonics IMO is the Pass xvr1 although it's very expensive and does not allow ( obviously) for digital room correction like a DEQX digital unit does.
I use a Velodyne SMS -1 (between pre & power amp) with great success. The unit has room analysis and PEq along with a very flexible low pass x-over and a basic high pass x-over (fixed @80hz, 12db/octave). If you need a different high pass set-up for your mains, you can afford a good one because the SMS is available on-line for $600.

Good Luck

One more thought:

Marchand is a popular choice for external x-overs. They're not crazy expensive (starting <$1K) and reportedly sound good - though I've never hear one myself.

The Rives sub-PARC. It was designed just for that and has continuous phase adjustment and parametric EQ for the bass section. It also has an amplifier for the subs.

Rives sub-PARC
While Richard might be suspected of bias in his recommendation, he is right. Excellent choice, sir.


The Bryston 10B Sub or regular are another possible choice to consider.
Well this is very helpful everyone.

Kal -- you've smoked me out. I can't follow your good advice on a one-box solution (e.g., Anthem Pre/Pro) without compeletly reworking my room, my cabinets, and my equipment.

My goal was to try to get the analog right (either PL-1a or DAC) to a balanced analog pre-amp. But my Wilson Benesch Curve speakers only go down to 35 Hz. I need to do some very careful listening, but I believe they sound better when I do not pass a full range signal to them, but leave 60 Hz and below to the subwoofer (currently a Totem Thunder).

I have XTZ coming to measure the room and figure out how big of an issue my room is. But I was trying to get the analog right first, and then figure out the best approach to RCS, especially since the one-box solution doesn't work for me.

anyway, hope this makes some sense. Regardless all you -- your response are sure helpful. Thanks!

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Hey Bob, I'll check it out. Thanks very much!


Fingers ahead of brain. Was trying to describe the limitation of fixed slope (rather than adjustable slope, like the low pass) high pass and momentarily forgot just where it was fixed. 6db/octave it is.

Bbro -- I missed your response earlier. Thanks for recommending the Bryston. Although pricey, that piece seems to be the one that has the most of what I'm looking for. I need to check it out.

I have a marchand XM44 I have just about finished assembling, and will provide a sound evaluation in the next week or so. I have had the XM26, which is good with Ss, a bit too soft for tubes IMHO.
The best is the Pass, no question. But the price of admission is not cheap....but if you want the best and can pay the piper, grab it, it is likely to not be the weakest link in you system.
FYI, I recently saw the Velodyne SMS-1 at Onecall.com for $399.