External Crossover?

So I was thinking about these Focal speakers... Started wondering, would it be possible to remove built-in crossover inside speaker, and replaced w/ external battery-powered crossover on my speakers...

...crossover rolling, is there such a thing?

Of course use high grade components for crossover, and replace internal wire also...
Sure you can but why stop there - why not go without a passive crossover altogether? Get an active speaker then you don't need to worry about the crossover components, power loss and complex amp load...
cann be done, but it will probably void your warranty, if you still have one.
Active xovers mean seperate amps for each driver. There are a couple digital xovers/equalizers that are very adjustable but it's a steep learning curve. How much do you know about the manufacturer specs?
Keep in mind that speaker designers design a speaker as an integrated package: drivers, crossover, cabinet, etc. If you change the crossover in a way that the designer did not envision, you may end up with an entirely different sounding speaker, and not necessarily a better one.
I have asian market Usher Be-718, doesnt i know the US version has upgraded crossover parts, and i think JPS internal wiring.

I was thinking about upgrading mine. Wanted to see how I could go about it.
to be exact, these are what's different:

JPS Labs Alumiloy internal wiring
Retuned crossovers featuring all new/upgraded parts as follows:
Erse high-purity oxygen free copper air-core inductors
Mills resistors
Erse poly caps
Gen.2 Sonicap
Removing the crossover may well be a very good thing on its own. You can then isolate it from the vibations of the speaker cabinet. It worked well for me.
Unless you have a stack of Alpha Core inductors and tremendous caps, you're only altering the cabinet volume by a small percentage.

I mounted mine externally on my Tannoys for tweaking and to isolate them from vibration.