External Aerial Coupling of Vintage Transistor Radio

Hi all,
I am adding an external aerial to a portable transistor radio (1980's Amstrad 6010) in order to improve reception on the MW and LW bands after read Vintage Transistor Radio Basic. The existing internal aerial set up consists of two ferrite rods, one with the MW coil and one with the LW coil.
I intend to couple a long wire aerial via 2-3 turns on the ferrite rod/s then to chassis earth (which will be connected to an earth stake)

My question is what would be the best way to couple both bands:
1) one wire from the new external aerial socket going 2-3 turns round ferrite rod 1, then routed to Ferrite rod 2 with 2-3 turns, and then to chassis. (coupling coils in series).
2) Two separate leads from external aerial socket, one for each Ferrite rod. each with coupling coil and then to chassis.

Appreciate there will be some suck it and see here, for instance optimum number of turns (possible overload from strong stations) and position of coupling on rod. However I would like to start from a' best practice' scenario.

Is there anyone have ideas of it? Thank you in advance.