Extension cord tv /dvr to power conditioner

I need to use an extension power cord from my big screen tv and dvr to the power conditioner. Will I experience loss, do I need a good grade extension cord?
Why not get a nice power strip or distribution center to allow room for growth. If you want further conditioning, get a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet for $150 or so or a UPC-200 (4 outlets). Lastly, you can get a nice thick gauge extension cord from Home Depot or Lowes for dirt cheap. I used a 50ft 12g cord from HD for my projector connected to a power conditioner with good results.

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I think the idea is to plug your components directly into the conditioner and connect the conditioner to the outlet using the extension cord.
Actually I just purchased a power conditioner but it has to be half way between my tv and stereo rack is the issue. The stereo components can reach so i only need about 4' of extension on the tv and dvr
I think Kenobi has the idea but probably does not need to be too thick in the short run
Thanks guys
Someone mentioned the Wiremold power strip to me a while back. Available for $49 from Audio Connection in NJ, so not too pricey and won't need to buy any more extension cords if you add other equipment later. Also might cut down on some clutter since you won't be running as many cords and leaves an extra outlet open on the conditioner.