Extension cord question

My llistening room lacks conveniently placed wall outlets. Any reason why I can't or shouldn't plug my Tice Solo power conditioner into an audiophile power cord, using the PC as an extension cord?
I see no reason why you couldn’t do this but don’t scimp on the cord or voltage drop may become a problem.An alternative is to put new outlets in the listening area using Wiremold surface mount  parts.
Why not just have an electrician install one or two dedicated lines to your system. That will solve the problem and improve your sound quality.
As a Wa./Co./Tx./Ca. Certified Commercial Journeyman Electrician & someone who has run a service truck, I can tell you dedicated line installs are going to cost you a min.of $50.00 an hour depending on where you live.Installers won’t hurry either,especially if pulling new circuits through existing construction. And heaven forbid they should have to enter the crawl space or attic.Any homeowner with half a brain can get all the info online,pick up parts at HD & save the labor charge + the 100% markup service electricians charge on parts.
Had an electrician friend over to see if It was feasible to run a dedicated line to my listening room. Hard to explain in a post but my room construction and location present so many challenges that I  shelved the idea. 

Hi RockyBoy

I believe Tice used to sell extenders or extension cords specifically for their Tice Units. I know Richard Gray has a power extender as well.

Now for me for preamps and other sources I have used this with no problems.

AudioQuest IEC 3US 3 Outlet Power Cord Adapter


I had a 10ft 14AWG power cord plugged it into my Tice Power Block used the 3 outlet power cord adapter and plugged 3 components into it. Didn't have any problems or experience SQ issues at all.
As the jedi brings up.If the power station has standard IEC male or female connection ANY extension cord will work fine,although 14 gauge is a bit small IMO(that's only 15 amp rated). A good 10gauge(30amp rated) Home Depot cord would work fine.One thing though about this type of cord.NOT designed for audio use so no EMI/RFI shielding but on a power conditioner I'm not sure that would matter.