Extension cord on dedicated line

Anyone has recommendation for extension cord for dedicate line.
I do not have long Power cord .

Thankd for your help
I wouldn't recommend it unless you had no other options but if you have no other choice you could use a heavy duty 12 gauge extension cord like the contractors use. I would use the shortest length that will work for you. They are available at Home Depot, Lowes and other better hardware stores. The other option is to build your own using the best plugs and receptacles available and heavy gauge stranded braided wire such as 12 gauge with an outer sheathing. Years ago I built something like that but put two duplex outlets in a standard dual outlet metal box (available from your favorite hardware store) and put hospital grade outlets in the box and hospital grade plugs to plug into the wall. They have been used for more than a decade with excellent results. If you build your own, dress it up a little by putting some expandable sheathing around the wire before you terminate the ends. I can help you with details on how to do this or will build something for you for the cost of parts and shipping since it is very easy to do. How long of a extension cable do you need and do you need one outlet or many? I'm sure there are vendors on Audiogon that could custom build something for you at a reasonable cost as well.

You certainly can make a your own power cords and thus make them as long as you like. Check out VHAudio.com. I replaced my power cords with oyaida 046 plugs and Accrotech bulk cable. They were easy to make and brought a huge upgrade to the system. Highly recommended.
Try audiopartsinc.com

I have the 4 port power strip and I like it.
sells an exotic looking, somewhat fragile power strip that actually improves the sound better than many a more traditional looking power conditioner. Looks are deceptive.
This is sold with stepwise upgrades from the manufacturer, each progressively better and more expensive.
Audiogon member Jefftan who is not related to me in any way is currently selling a desirable version, and his photo illustrates the unique construction from Mapleshade.