Exprience with Avid turntables?

Does anyone have experience with Avid turntables?
I am considering giving up my old trusty Technics SP-15 and moving the SME tonearm onto a new Avid turntable -- a Diva or possibly a Volvere. Another option for me would be to get a VPI Scoutmaster (with a VPI arm) instead. Any informed impressions would be appreciated.
One of the best systems I have ever heard used an Avid Volvere Sequel TT as the source playing JM Lab Micro Utopias and Revox Exception amps. It simply had unforgettable smoothness and soundstaging.
there was a similar question asked at www.pinkfishmedia.net and the answer was that Avid makes great turntables, but that they are relatively expensive versus the sound quality. The poster recommended a Nottingham hyperspace / tonearm as a more cost effective option.

I've heard neither, but I thought I'd pass the info. on.
I spent some time in the Music Direct room at CES where the Avid tables were setup. I don't recall which models I heard, but all of them seemed to be a good value for the money.

I don't know if that helps at all.
I have heard all the Avid range and they are excellent, easy to use, well engineered and for the Volvere, with an upgrade path to the Sequel. The problem you have if you are in the US, is the $ rate. They are expensive here in the UK,but still good value(just). The prices look ruinous in the States and I am not sure they represent great value. I emphasise again, they are truly excellent tables and I have met the designer, Mr Maas, I believe, a real vinyl enthusiast
I own a Volvere after having a fully equiped LP12 for many years. I never thought I'd sell the LINN (loved it) but the Volvere has it all and in My opinion AVID makes the best suspended tables available. They seemed to have combined the best of suspended (midrange depth , clarity and detail, isolation) with non suspended (dynamics, bass, timing). On top of all they are extremely well engineered and thought out , even when it comes to set-up (a breeze). By design they are not damped and therefore you do not get the smearing of sound that you do with other tables. Bass is rock solid and deep. They work best with SME and Rega arms. Heard that AVID is working on their own arm as well. I think you get alot for your money (even with the currency exchange) no matter where in the line you jump in. I do think if can stretch to get the Volvere. Sequel gets you closer to the Acutus. The Acutus is Absolutely there with the best turntables available. The finish/quality on all the Avid decks are top notch. If your stretching the budget go with a Rega arm and maybe upgrade later.

Can you tello I love Avid decks.. you bet. You really need to listen to one.

Lastly.. I have listened to the Spacedecks, and VPI, there is no comparison to any of the Avids.
I heard one of the lower models, the diva, at the Music Direct store in Chicago last september playing through the mobile fidelity om2 floorstanders. I don't remember what cartridge was mounted or what the electronics were, but the sound of that system was very compelling, although a touch laid back for my own tastes. It is hard to say if that (slight) excess warmth and lack of dynamics was the table, speakers, amps or anything else as it was a pretty casual listening session and I was unfamiliar with most of the equipment in that system's sonic signatures. In short I'd say they are definitely worth a listen...but I'm not running out to replace my scout.