Expressismo Heavyweight for Rega 300B FYI

Yesterday I got the Expressimo Heavyweight for my Rega 300B tonearm. I have it mounted on a LP12 and have a Grado Sonata cartridge.

If you are reading this you are probably aware of the posted virtues of this upgrade. I have listened to about 12 LPs since yeserday and I vouch for the validity of it. I could go on about the extra clarity, tighter bass etc... but the main thing I appreciate is the connection to the music in a very natural and convincing way. The palpable qualities of the instruments is terrific and maybe the best word to describe the effect is to use HP's word 'continuesness'. From top to bottom the tonearm imparts less character and there is very much a direct line to the record. My vinyl listening sessions used to be heard through mud in the bass and a vague quality in the midrange and highend, no more, the music is coming from somewhere but, it seems, not the same turntable.

If I have not made it clear, if you have a Rega 300B and an extra $100, buy this upgrade, I have not spent a better $100 on my stereo.

all the best

Your review is right on, although I use the Gregory Kerry F-2 Titanium Heavyweight Counterweight, costing $129. Regardless of brand, this is a tweak that requires no technical skill to apply, and is a giant step up for budget conscious vinyl enthusiasts.
Any Rega RB-300 tonearm owner who avoids this tweak is really missing out on a good thing. One additional benefit you only hinted at is the gain in harmonic richness accompanying added detail, similar to what tube component fans hear when they evolve beyond transistors.

I feel in addition to my original comments I would add that there seems to be a 'shift' in tone. Where it was very warm before and rather heavy in the bass it now is quite neutral and any emphasis moved up (IMO) to the upper bass/lower midrange and is very much lower in amplitude. I could see how this could now affect the harmonics, between the more defined presence of micro-dynamics and lessening of gross colorations the beautiful natural tones and harmonics flow freely.

That is my story and I am sticking to it!


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