Expressimo heavyweight endorsement

For what it's worth, I just purchased an Expressimo Audio Heavyweight for my Rega RB600 from Elusive Disc after reading the recommendations here.

It's made a substantial difference for me, especially in the clarity and definition of the bottom end, which seemed to me to sometimes be a little out of control on some of my LPs.

Best $79.99 I've spent so far. Install took 5 minutes and only required the included allen wrench (why didn't Rega screw down the original counterweight?)

I have to guess that any Rega 'arm would benefit this, an upgrade that costs less than new interconnects.

I also found great benefit to the Heavyweight on my OL arm.
Hi, I've had one on order for 6 weeks and still don't have it.I have an origin live arm so they said they had to special order it. Where can it be purchased now?? Thanks
Amen! Just installed one on my RB600/P25 Rega table, last night, and the first thing that I noticed was the change in the bottom end.
Gonna get one for my RB900, next, Can't wait to see the difference it makes in my P9 table.
I agree. It has to be the best tweak, for the money, that I have ever made to any of my tables.
Par3n1 (in other words, hole in one?) - I bought mine from, they seem like very nice people to work with and my orders have always shown up quickly.

You can also get it direct from Expressimo at, and I think you can also get it from