Expressimo dc motor

anyone using this or heard?

i am a little wary because ads everywhere and big claims

i also worry about granite and brass and materials.

so any experience would be welcome.
I bought Brian's motor and would up buying his turntable as well. The best turntable in the world. The motor is amazing, if there is ever any drift at all you plug the laptop in via USB port and set it to the tenth of a rpm. He is an amazing engineer and machinist doing things all old school by hand as his dad showed him as a kid. It might be expensive, but he had a class A power supply made and machined a beautiful power supply box for it, he machined the beautiful casing for the motor system and had the touch buttons with leds designed- red for off, green for 33 1/3, blue led light for the 45 rpm. The motor is cog less and starts slowly and holds perfect speed. I wasn't sure because of the price, but after dumping tons of money down a rathole with Origin Live's best motor systems ( 2 of them in fact with a heavy Aerex flywheel) I can honestly say the price is well justified. It is the most musical system I have ever heard. I am now buying 3 of his tonearms that he is just going into production with. They blew away my VPI tonearms in a shootout with his prototype armwand.