Expressimo Audio Heavyweight counterweight.

I recently got a "Heavyweight" by Expressimo Audio for my Origin Live Silver tonearm. This tonearm is not the modded RB250, but a full-out Origin Live tonearm that uses a Rega mounting base and cueing device. It uses the OL metal end-stub that is common on their modded arms.It is a fantastic sounding tonearm, that is competitive with the best.
The standard counterweight is a steel donut type, with a set screw. The replacement "Heavyweight" is a stainless steel type with an offset hole, so the majority of the weight lies below the tonearm axis. It also has a set screw.
Installation was a simple slip-on, weigh the VTF, and tighten.
The improvement of the tracking ability, and improvement of sound quality was very noticeable. Bass had more impact, and delineation. Focus was improved. Mids and highs became more crystalline. I found it hard to believe that this counterweight made such an improvement in an already teriffic tonearm. This modification is a must for anyone with Rega, or OL arms. I think they make them for the Audioquest line also. The cost was $89, and worth every penny of it. If you were thinking about getting one, but were skeptical about its performance, just get one. Once you try it out, your old counterweight will become your new paperweight! Very satisfied, and highly recommended.
I wrote similar comments about 18 months ago after buying the Heavyweight counterweight for my Rega RB900. At the time, I said that I was astounded that a $79 upgrade could make such a significant improvement, and I have had no reason to change my viewpoint since then. I found this counterweight not only led to tighter, more dynamic low frequency reproduction, but also to cleaner, more extended highs and improved mid-range reproduction. You are right in recommending this product -- it offers much better performance than the stock counterweight, and is a major bargain at the price.