Exposure XI and IX preamp/power supply

This is a bit embarrassing but I have had an Exposure XI preamp with the Exposure IX power supply for decades and just moved. I can't find the instruction manual and haven't changed the set up for so long that now in assembling the system, I am unsure how to connect the preamp and power supply. I know that the power supply connects to the power in on the preamp, but the preamp has two dedicated cords (red and blue) that I think, also connect to the power supply but I wanted to be sure before connecting thusly. Another senior moment.
Can anyone help? Thanks in advance if you can!
System: Exposure XI preamp, NY Audio Labs power amp, SOTA Sapphire TT, Pioneer RR tape, Nakamichi BX1 cassetter, Marantz SE67 CD, Epos speakers.
i have a hard copy of the exposure manual, and a pdf of the page describing the pre/ps connection. i just need to know how to get either to you.
That's outstanding Gordon. I'm not sure if we can post an email address but I'll take a chance if you could send the pdf. nakamaye@gonzaga.edu
I certainly appreciate this.
Hi, Do you still have the IX PS? Any interest in selling it. I just bought an exposure amp and want to make a ystem of the brand.