Exposure vs Classe

Can anyone comment on similarities/differences between the Classe Cap-80 and the Exposure 2010s?

I know one is much older, and there is probably a notable difference in price. Coming from an Audiolab 8000s in which I like the detail and control, but I would like more soundstage and more "life".

the exposure is similar to the audiolab, but maybe not as 'warm'. the classe is the more refined of the three....if would be the clear choice.
Wow! Not as warm as the Audiolab!?! I know I'm a bit of a neophyte, but that suggests to me that the Exposure is positively arctic in its presentation.
what kinf of speakers are you using?
what kind of speakers are you using?
Speakers: currently using michael green audio design rev. 60i. Considering switch to tetra 120u. Also tried a pair of totem arro which imaged brilliantly but were very bright.
nice speakers...certainly i don't like painting all british ingregrateds with the same brush, but the classe is going to be more holographic in its presentation. i used to sell audiolab, and i always 'wanted' to like them more than i did. i loved their cd player though.
Exposure is known for a very immediate and involving midrange liquidity and that is completely musical and involving with great transparency and insight to the music as whole, not unlike Naim but not the same either. The Classe is more typical hi fi, rich with a sweet rolled off top end. The Exposure 2010S is one of the most musical amps out there that I have heard. I didn't think it was like any Audiolab gear I have heard as I hear the Audiolab as dry, the Exposure as liquid.
So I think I'm leaning toward the Classe, especially given the cost differential (about 2x). Any thought about which of those speakers would be the best match for that?

Also, to throw another variable in, I'd consider changing direction entirely and getting a local pair of Paradigm Active 20v1, and running that from a B&K PT-3II.

Really appreciate your thoughts.
I usually agree with Jaybo, but here I think he's missed the boat. The Exposure 2010S is brilliant and one of the great integrated amps on offer. Get it. I bought 2!