Exposure 3010 w/ tube preamp or hybrid integrated?

Hi all. I'd like to upgrade my office setup to a tube-pre ss-power and am wondering which of two preamp/amp combos would be better. I currently have a Rega Brio-r integrated and would replace with something like the following:

Exposure 3010 power amp (I already own but am not using)
Rogue Metis preamp


Rogue Sphinx or other hybrid integrated.

The rest of my components in the office are:
Ascend Sierra-2 monitors on stands
Musical Surroundings Novo Phonomena phonostage
Rega DAC (ifi usb power, v-link USB to spdif converter)
Technics SL-1200MK5 with grado reference1 cart
mix of crimson and anti-cables IC's

What I like about the Brio-r is I am at the office for 9-10 hours a day and I never tire of listening to it. The Exposure has a similar vibe.

I listen to music at low/moderate volume and review AV materials at high volume.

Budget would be no more than $1,500 and I don't want to go full tube for the power amp mostly due to tube replacement costs. The Exposure lists input impedance of 18k ohms so that does limit the tube pre options in my price range. Remote control is mandatory.

If I bought an integrated I'd sell the Brio-r and Exposure.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
I have older Era Exposure separates. I have the 17 pre with amps being Mono block 18s.

I am just going to throw out an extremely reasonable priced option that really made my system shine. It's putting the Ifi itube buffer between SS pre and amp. Really has made everything much smoother and gives me a better soundstage. It also really didn't effect the tonal character of my system. Just took want I liked and made it better. At $300 bucks it's a steal. Music Direct sells it and there are quite a few reviews which are pretty accurate in my experience.
If you want more feedback regarding good matches I would also recommend pinkfish media forum. Way more exposure users in that forum.I also remember reading several posts about croft tube pre amps paired with Exposure amps. Seemed to be a very good combo. Also realize that most of these people are from England and have there preferred brands and a different set of products available to them.
What is it that you are looking to improve over the Brio?

In as much as there are several hybrid integrateds in your price range, as long as you have a power amp you like and have a nice phonostage I would consider a line level tube pre.

I drive a BEL 1001MK5 with input impedance of 22Kohm with a Jolida Fusion Pre having output impedance of 600ohm. I think the Jolida pre is great value for the $$$.

I know the Quicksilver pre that is in your budget is highly thought of, however don’t know the output impedance.
I have used a tube buffer between exposure pre and Exposure mono amps with great results. I am currently using an ifi itube. At 300 buck it's a steal. Check reviews online. might be a cost effective way to make your system smoother with a larger soundstage.

Also I have heard alot of people in the past using croft pre with Exposure amps
"Any suggestions would be appreciated!"

If you shop with the intention of getting a tube preamp or a hybrid integrated, that's exactly what you're going to get. Whether or not you end up liking the piece you buy is another matter entirely.
I ended up jumping on a used Manley Shrimp that popped up here yesterday morning. Manley can retrofit it with a remote so I'll be set.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!
I saw that pop up. Please let us know how it works to together.