Exposure 2010S2 CD vs Rega Apollo

I am looking for a nice CD player and was hoping someone might have experience with 2 that I am looking at on the used market.  I am looking at the Exposure 2010S2 CD and the Rega Apollo, both which seem to have very good reviews for their price points.  I have a vintage Exposure XI preamplifier that I very much liked so I'm inclined to go with the Exposure but Rega has had a strong presence and well respected reputation for both vinyl and digital sources.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
I have used the Rega Apollo in my second, and most used system, since its introduction 11 years ago.  It has been a very durable player and the only repair was to replace the laser last year.  The sound is very musical, a touch on the warm side, and detailed enough, but not annoyingly so.  

It has an interesting feature where 'each time the user loads a new disc, the Apollo reads the whole of the CD's subcode data into memory, analyzes it and then selects the most appropriate of four levels of error correction. That way, the music is never overcorrected per se, and the integrity of the original datastream is kept intact to the greatest extent possible' (Stereophile Review).  


Ditto rar1.
I also have the Apollo, and like it.
I also have a  McCormack Transport, which is also under $1K used.
Both are very nice.