Exposure 2010S verses 3010S

I went through a whole slew of amps from NAD, Rotel, Cambridge Audio, Musical Fidelity, Creek, Vincent ect and then I found the Exposure 2010S. It is mind blowing. The sound is tramsparent and real. It sounds like live music. My question is would the 3010S be any better. The 2010S has plenty of power but more power (Tim Allen grunt) is good. I know what the Stereophile reviews say but has anybody compared the 2010S to the 3010S head to head?? Thanks,keith
A cardinal error is to hear something you really like and suppose that the more expensive units in the same line are NECESSARILY better. Each amp represents a compromise and to get increased power a different set of them are necessary. If the 2010s has sufficient power for your speakers and YOU like it TRUST YOUR EARS. Someone's else's opinion will not change what you hear.
I understand your point completely. I worked in the biz and saw it happen many times. My issue is that I do not have easy access to the 3010S so my question was has anyone compared the two. to each other. That will tell me if it is worth the hastle of trying it myself
Have been wondering exactly the same thing as I have B&W 804S and think the extra power of 3010S may help.
I have the 3010S and before buying the amp, I've auditioned between 2010S and 3010S. For the money the 2010S asked for, it is a very good amp. 3010S is much faster and dynamic compared to 2010S.
Looking for something with really good clarity, smooth highs, solid bass, and just a tiny bit on the warm side of neutral. Would 3010S fit that bill?