Exposure 2010S Integrated. Any experiences??

I have been listening to an Exposure 2010s for 2 days and I am stunned by how musical and involving it is. I am not sure there is enough power there but it is pretty gutsy. A few months ago I had a Creek 5350, (really good but a little dry) Cambridge 840a v1 ( very detailed but 2D stage) and MF A300 ( beautiful but somewhat aggressive) I swear the Exposure sounds better then any of those in this system. Sony XA7777ES, Cardas Neutral Reference IC and AP Oval 9 speaker wire. Speakers are (do not laugh) old Polk RTA Monitor 12s ( the tweeter and crossover on top) from 1984 I love bringing them into showrooms against other speakers way more expensive then these were new ($1000) and making nmoney off sales people who are surprised by how good they sound. Anyway I am off path. Has anyone done any comparisons with with Exposure or had any experience with it?? Thanks,keith
no opinion on the exposure vs other, but the polks are really keepers.
A friend has used Exposure for years and swears by it, his stereo sounds great too so, enjoy!

congratulations.You have dissected through the heart of the amp.

I helped built a low budget system for a friend , and the heart And soul of the system is the Exposure amp.

Nothing better at at least 2x the price;it smoked literally all the usual competitors
The Exposure is one of the finest amps I have owned. Very involving listen. The only area I think other amps better it (such as the LFD Mistral) is in the top end, it's just not as sweet as the mids. The mids do most all for the Exposure's special sound. Bass is rythmic and tuneful as well.
Thanks for your responses. This unit is a consignment piece I can pick up for about $750. I also have a Creek Destiny coming (demo piece for around $1600) and hope to compare them. I also have my vincent 236MKII here. No I am not wealthy , but it is the only way to get stuff together and find out. CHARGE!!!! and then get rid of the extras. Any thoughts on the Exposure v Creek Destiny or the Vincent?? I was very impressed with the Creek 5350 but a slightly dry, flat sound with a small soundstage bugged me.Keith
Keith, Good for you for actually trying different amps in your rig. While I don't have direct experience with the amps mentioned, I think Exposure's design philosophy of solid power supplies and regulation contributes a lot to the comments made here. You found synergy with the Exposure and you might stop there if you're happy. You may want to live with it for a few weeks to get a good handle on the sound--if possible. Good luck in your quest.
today i auditioned this amp, i found out that when u push the power button to turn-on the amp (no problem with turning-off), there would be a "bluupk" sound from the speaker. The sound was not too loud but it was clearly audible from like 1,5 - 2 meter (5 - 6 feet) away. Same thing happen with the second unit, but no such problem occur with 3010s model.
The dealer who's also the importer made phone call in front of me, to exposure office in england and talked with the chief engineer (i forgot the name). This chief eng explained that the 2010s model uses ' high current system.." that caused the "bluupk" sound (i don't realy understand his explanation partly because i know almost nothing about technical issue/engineering side in audio equipment). The 3010s model uses different system. He also said about the 2010s model that such sound shouldn't be a problem, and it should not damage the speaker either.
I read in stereophle mag that 2010s has passive pre-amp in front of a high-voltage-gain power amp., while the 3010s model has an active pre-amp.

I like the 2010s very much (is 3010s better?), with quite neutral tonal balance, good dynamic and transparancy, i would certainly have bought it if not for this problem.
Have any of you known this issue? Any thoughts? Is there any risk of speaker damage ? Thank u in advance.