Exposure 2010S bi-amp to ATC 11 Speakers

I recently purchased a pair of ATC 11 which requires a powerful amp to drive. I really would like to use the Exposure to power them but it is not powerful enough.
Has anyone tried combining the available Exposure 2010S power amp with the integrated?
I have read a lot about the integrated on this site but I cannot find much on increasing the power by bi-amping with the power amp.
Any response will be appreciated.
By using two amps you are increasing the available energy (the current) which is a good thing.

I have never tried the your Exposure -- but have tried two other stereo power amps to drive SPendor S100s years ago. Unsurprisingly the result was better than with just one amp -- BUT I already OWNED the two amps, so I didn't have to buy anything more than speaker wire.
I assume you would need another pair of speaker cables and another pair of interconnects.
But does the power to the speaker double?
In the case of the 75 watt per channel Exposure, does the power double to 150 watt per channel?
Neil, I also has the same question-( if your referring to the integrated amp. 2010s) I don't have time to really browse the manual. I'm assuming that we can do bi-amp thru the pre-out section. Since I have not read the manual I don't know just yet if it well automatically shut-off its amp and just use the external amp--or bi-amp. Have you had any answers to this?

Got a new speaker (Dynaudio audience 52se) and its rated at 4ohms/86db sensitivity. I think my little exposure 2010s will be gasping to drive those speaker..
Yea, I did check with the Exposure dealer. Using both the Exposure integrated and power amp will not increase the watts per channel. You will simply have 75 watts going directly to your tweeter and 75 watts going directly to the woofer.
I have bookshelf ATC speakers which requires more power than the Exposure can give. So I got an Odyssey Stratus and conrad johnson classic to push them. Everything sounds awesome even though everything is still being broken in.
Good luck....
How would the power not be increased by bi-amping? Your intergated would power the tweeter, and the power amp would power the woofer.

ATCs require a ton of power to open up. They're also ruthlessly revealing of anything upstream, so you need good components all the way through.

If what you bought doesn't do it for you, strongly consider ATC's integrated. It was designed to power them.

ATCs also need a good amount of space and SPLs to really shine. If the sound dull and boring, which is easy to do with them, something is amiss. With the right conditions, they're magical. Unfortunately, that's hard to pull off IMO.

I really wanted to buy a pair, but I couldn't afford to buy what they need to get them to sing. My 60 watt Bryston B60 fell on it's face. I wouldn't go lower than a Bryston 4B SST or ATC's integrated, but that's just me. YMMV.
Again, I did not have any problems getting my ATC to sing. I am using an Odyssey Stratus Plus+,with a cj classic preamp.
As I write this I'm listening to ATC SCM 11s powered by Bryston 4B sst2 at 300w/ch. They do not sound dull or boring as a previous poster mentioned. They are awesome. The detail and lack of distortion is astonishing. These are some very special speakers indeed. I purchased them on a lark, but they just might be a permanent replacement for my Dynaudios. It's not just that they are so completely clean of distortion, but they are incredibly dynamic. The sound leaps out of these babies. Extremely high value for money with these.
How would the power not be increased by bi-amping?
The amount if energy (available current) would increase.
But two amps, each outputting 75W, don't sum up to 150W. You simply have "MORE" of those 75W available...