Explosive Pops from Pre/Pro

I am looking to move up from my NAD T-163. The main problem I have with it is any time there is a change in the sound (say from stereo to surround), the result is an explosive "pop" through my speakers. Changing sources produces the same noise. Consequently, I make all such changes before I turn on the amps. Obviously, this is something I'd like to avoid in my next unit.

However, as I look through forums, this issue is not limited to the T-163. It seems to be a problem with a variety of manufacturers - although many users report no such problem.

I'd like to know if anyone here has experienced this problem or something similar. In particular, I'd like to know if it was resolved and how.

I get small ones from my Onkyo pre/pro, during the 'handshaking', but nothing alarming.
None of those from my 876 Onkyo and my Pio Sc05. Used to owned B & K pre/ pro/ amp and the POP/TACKs are the nature of the beast.