Explanation for Class G amplifier heat differences between phono source & others?

Would my class G Creek 100A integrated be giving off more heat when the phono source is used (as compared to other sources--e.g. tuner, cd, digital) because the amp and pre sections have to amplify a smaller input source with phono?  

I am just curious.  I have no issues.  The amp runs so cool with non-phono sources that you have to work to make it break a sweat.  This is not the case with phono sources. 

Thanks much!! 
It shouldn't make any difference - gain stages take very little power while signal is "normalized" (by the volume pot) at the input of power stage. Class G amplifies like class AB but adjust (switches) power supply voltage according to signal level to minimize power dissipation.
Thanks Kijanki!  I'll watch it closely to see if I made a mistake in my observations.