Experiences with the Cary CAD-120S

Hello all,

For those that have had the opportunity to listen to the Cary CAD-120S, what were your thoughts? What have you compared it to? Does it sound similar to the Cary V-12R?

In the unlikely event that anyone has by chance had the opportunity to hear both the Cary CAD-120S and a pair of VAC Auricle Musicblocks, I'd be very interested in your impressions.

It isn't BAD, but there are other fish in the Sea.
In my opinion it isn't worth its asking price......or,
maybe it is NOT MY CUP OF TEA.
If You like the sound of Cary in general...check it out.
I was disappointed to be frank. However it is based on its synergy with my system ( but I had similar experience with all Cary setup as well ).