Experiences with NEW

I am interested in hearing about the "NEW" Dust Bug. These are the ones that are conductive and static dissipative. They claim to reduce charge and dust all at once.

It has been speculated by some that these induce unwanted vibrations into the stylus and detract from playback sound quality - or at least that was true of the old plastic ones.

Do these new ones do more harm than good or are they truly noteworthy?
The original Cecil Watts Dust Bug used just a touch of his anti-static fluid (its name is lost in the mists of time) on the miniature plush covered barrel pulled along the record surface.
It does pick up a great deal of dust if you don't use a carbon fiber record cleaning brush before playing.
The problem with the original Dust Bug is that there is a separate cluster of stiff bristles which resonate as they scrape out dust and debris from the record as it rotates, and one can hear a tiny sound accompanying the sound from your speakers.
Reminiscent of the original antique acoustical record players where the tiny sound was amplified by the big cone. That's what is illustrated when you see Nipper the dog listening to "his master's voice" RCA old time record player.
Therefore, your thought about unwanted vibrations is correct for the original Dust Bug.
But, haven't seen the "new" version.
Has anyone else experienced the "NEW" Cecil Watts Dust Bug? I've seen them recently on another popular auction site. On Needle Doctor I saw the Rek-O-Kut Dust Bug but there are no reviews for it.

Thanks in advance.