Experiences with miniDSP 2x4? Noise?

I'm looking into this unit after a suggestion here on another thread. My intended use is as an active crossover between a tube preamp and tube amp, to hi-pass the tube amp and send the lower bass to a couple of subs.

There seems to be very little feedback from users. 4 threads mentioning the unit here on A'gon, but nobody reporting actual experience. Some comments elsewhere online suggest the unit is user-friendly and so is the software plug-in that is required.

But I came across this thread talking about the unit introducing significant noise...not good!
Of course I don't have any references about the reviewer, so I'm wondering.

This unit is cheap, effective, and easy to use. That's something already. But maybe not good enough sound quality-wise? FWIW, pre is Lamm LL2, amp is McIntosh MC275.

I just found your question and just received my MiniDSP today. It was very easy to set up and use. I did not hear any noise at all. It produces sound even more real with better imaging than the ART CX311 active crossover that it replaced. I should have purchased the MiniDSP first. I am using a Pioneer Elite AVR as my preamp, Carver M-1.0t MKII opt2 amps with my Magnepan IIIas.