experiences with di-pole woofers & Sub-woofers?

Hi All,
Would like to hear your comments about the models used (DIY & Comm.) and differences and/or improvement with your experiences using di-pole designed speakers for addressing the frequency range of 300hz (or whatever your specific hz target was) and below.
Thanks all and really enjoy and find your comments enlightening.
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I've designed and built dynamic dipole speakers, and now own and sell both electrostatic and dynamic dipoles. The advantage of dipole bass is superior pitch definition, due primarily to the natural decay of notes as very little energy goes into exciting the room's bass resonant modes; and secondarily because there are no cabinet resonances to color the sound.

The primary drawbacks of dynamic dipole woofer systems are high cost, low efficiency, and lack of extreme low bass extension.

For example, a commercial system I sell uses two 12" woofers in a dipole configuration, but has bass extension and efficiency comparable to that of a single moderately efficient 8" woofer in a well-designed vented cabinet. The cost of the dual 12's is of course quite a bit more. But the frequency response and efficiency numbers don't begin to tell the whole story - the clarity of the bass and lack of boxy colorations surpass that of all but a bare handful of expensive conventional systems.

Best of luck to you!
For a complete and thorough education in the dipole / box speaker debate see:


I have learned more audio truth there than from all the magazines I've read for years combined.